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If you are the curious but adventurous type or the nice girl who’d never think she’d answer one of these ads, I might offer exactly what you are interested in. Women often talk of the fantasy of “being taken” by an assertive partner. Is that you? Have you fantasized of being put in a situation where you are stuck in a compromising position where you have no choice but to comply to get what you are after? If so you may be a candidate for “the interview”.

For the right woman I offer the following scenario we will role play: You will be interviewing with me (the boss) for a (fake) position as a personal assistant after being out of work for well over a year. You have been on countless interviews and despite not being well qualified you are desperate for the job as your economic situation is getting dire. We’ll both be dressed in professional attire and begin our rendezvous with a real interview for the first 10 minutes before. . . it turns on its head. As the interview progresses and I make it increasingly clear you are not fit for the position, you will find yourself trying to think of a way to get this job.

Of course half the fun is in the foreplay — the buildup to the act. It makes the actual payoff so much better don’t you agree? You generally being such a good girl and never in situations like this will heighted your senses. This won’t be a wham bam thank you ma’am scenario — we’ll play out the whole thing from the actual job application, to the beginning of the interview where it is clear you are very unqualified to the apprehension — yet excitement — you feel as you realize there is only one way you are getting this job.

To enjoy our evening a hotel room will be rented so we have a safe neutral environment. Your host is a 5’9″ lean, well educated, witty professional who is a nice guy – no one would suspect he has this internal bad boy. . However in this scenario he will be taking on a more assertive “I’m the boss” role. You will know your place in this “relationship” and I will definitely have a dominant tact as the evening progresses. The right woman for this job should enjoy the thoughts of her rear being spanked at least a few times, hair pulled firmly from behind in certain positions, her wrists pulled to the small of her back and held there, and a lot of teasing before we move to the final act. I am looking for a very specific woman who not only I’d find attractive but this scenario turns her on to a high degree. What I bring to the table is a lot of attention to (your) details, and wanting to make this fun for both of us.

I have plenty more details on how this will work but it’s too lengthy for the craiglist format, hence I posted the scrumptious details at emeraldx5(dot) tumblr (dot)com (don’t worry it’s a free site lol) I also posted a very small idea of how you will be handled physically – its worth the visit just for that alone.

I am offering a very unique service and with it come relatively strict requirements. Quality over quantity. This is not a “date” so frankly you need not be Ms Personality 2013 but I do prefer a pleasant individual to be around. Please respond with a brief description of yourself, height / weight / age, and the reason you are requesting an interview (has something like this been a fantasy?). As part of your response you will be sending 3-4 photos of yourself to include both body and face. I am seeking an attractive woman who is in shape. . .. And just as important enthusiastic about this type of experience.

If your introduction email catches my attention, in a period of a few days expect an “application” emailed to you to fill out and return. (it will be short and sweet) If you wish a photo sent back let me know. We’ll go from there.

Let me emphasize that due to spam response, I will only respond to those who reply in the appropriate manner per the ABOUT YOU section. Look forward to hearing from you.


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