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Please, Read This Through To Completion. It’s In Your Best Interest.

How Do You Do, Gentlemen?

Welcome To My Private, Beautiful, Calming, Quiet Greater NE
Home, To Relax In, For Comforting Massage, For A While.
I Can Even Help Relieve Those With Sciatica pain.

I S h a l l Provide A Pic Of Me, Upon Request. But, I Ask For You To,
Please, Send Y o u r Pic To Me, Firstly, Along With Your Original

Unhurried, Unrushed Quality
Caring, Warm-Hearted, Sensitive, Trustworthy, Decent, Honest, In-Tune To
All Of Your Personal Needs.
Open-Minded, Obviously Intelligent, Gracious, With True Charm
Congenial, Good Conversationalist, Very-Skilled, Well-Versed,
Well-Mannered, With Good Values, Good Taste And Appearance.
I Go Out Of My Way, Because I Feel You Deserve The Best, In People.
I Am “O f That”!

I Love Nature, With All My Heart; All I D o Is “With Them, In Mind”.
Making You Happy Helps Me Make Nature Happy, Too, In Return.
I Feel If When Someone’s Good To Nature, They’re Helping
The Sweet Of ‘M y Kind’ Be Happier, Too. It Works. They Saved
M y Life; I Can Do The Same For Them!!!

I Invite You To Call Me And Plan Ahead, So We Can Really Get Together
And Make Y o u Happiest.
I Enjoy Making You Smile/Enjoying A Lot ‘Better’ In Your Life And Easing
You From All Your Discomforts, Etc.

Allow Me That Time I Need To “LOVE WHAT I DO” For You.
Seeing You Is, Actually, Something I Would L o v e,
And, . . . Is Just M y {Kind Of} “Way”, Of Saying,
“T h a n k You, For All You D o”,
“And, For Thinking E n o u g h Of Yours e l f, To Think Of M E”

Make It Soon.
Let’s Help Nature, “M y Way” – – Together, For A While.

Day Or Night {The Evening ‘Atmosphere’ Is Preferred, But When It Is
You Prefer It Is Okay With Me – –
I’m Easy To Get Along With. Hope You Are, Too}.
~ Greater Northeast, My Home, Or Yours If That’s More Convenient
For You, Doll.

Can’t Wait To Hear From You.

Would Prefer You Being Happily Fulfilled, I n s t e a d.